Stéphane Mallat
Collège de France
Frosso Doutsi
Samuel Farrens
CosmoStat, CEA Paris-Saclay
Alan Heavens
Imperial College London
Elena Sellentin
Leiden University
François Lanusse
CosmoStat, CEA Paris-Saclay
Anna Bonaldi
SKAO project

Monday 18/09/2023

Session 1TileSpeaker
9:15Learning Physics from Data with Multiscale Interaction ModelsStéphane Mallat
10:30Coffee break
11:00Fundamentals of Image Processing - Part AFrosso Doutsi
Session 2TileSpeaker
14:00Speed Networking
15:00Fundamentals of Image Processing - Part BFrosso Doutsi
16:30Coffee Break
17:00Fundamentals of Image Processing - Part CFrosso Doutsi
18:00End of Session
19:00Welcome Cocktail

Tuesday 19/09/2023

Session 3TileSpeaker
9:00Scientific Software DevelopmentSamuel Farrens
10:00Coffee Break
10:30Bayesian Methods - Part A [Materials]Alan Heavens
Session 4TileSpeaker
15:00Bayesian Methods - Part BAlan Heavens
16:30Coffee Break
17:00Bayesian Methods - Part CAlan Heavens
18:00End of Day

Wednesday 20/09/2023

Session 5TileSpeaker
9:00Euclid Mathematical & Processing Challenges Elena Sellentin
10:00Coffee Break
10:30Introduction to Machine Learning - Part AFrançois Lanusse
Session 6TileSpeaker
15:00Introduction to Machine Learning - Part BFrançois Lanusse
16:30Coffee Break
17:00Introduction to Machine Learning - Part CFrançois Lanusse
18:00End of Day

Thursday 21/09/2023

Session 7TileSpeaker
9:00SKA and its Data ChallengeAnna Bonaldi
10:00Coffee Break
10:30Learning Slot (AMA) Organisers
11:30ADA-X Datathon Example project [GitHub]Organisers
15:00Team Work/Free Time
18:00End of Day

Friday 22/09/2023

Session 8TileSpeaker
09:00Project PresentationsDatathon Teams
12:30ADA-X ClosingOrganisers
13:00End of ADA-X


  • Speed Networking: To help participants break the ice, we will organise a 1-hour slot "Speed Networking" event on Monday afternoon. Everyone will be asked to split into pairs and introduce themselves to each other. After a few minutes, the participants will need to split into new pairs. We will repeat this a few times and encourage the participants to continue to get to know each other during the week.
  • Welcome Cocktail: On Monday evening the participants will be welcomed to the ADA X summer school with a cocktail. This will be great opportunity for socialising with the other participants and speakers.
  • Learning Slot: On Thursday morning we will organise a 1-hour "Learning Slot" (i.e. an ask-me-anything session). The objective of this session is to provide a safe space free of any judgement where the participants will be encouraged to ask any questions they want related to the week's sessions, in particular those that they would perhaps be too embarrassed to ask at a conference (e.g. "What is a redshift?").
  • ADA-X Datathon: Finally, on Thursday the participants will be given a team challenge to prepare a mock project proposal to be presented on Friday morning. The objective will be to split into teams of two or three people and come up with a plan to solve problem that will be described on Thursday morning. Participants will be given 5-min to present their plan and the everyone will act as an evaluation panel to vote on which project they would most like to fund.